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About company MF Production

Our company was established in 2002 as Petr Mahdal – VIDEO. Primary aim of the company was production of programmes desisignated for households and state institutions. Eventually, we added on short comercial spots and company videopresentations which are nowadays pivotal in our production program.

We specialize, particularly, in creative post-production work with video, its combination with 2D and 3D animations, digital composition, efects and foreign-language mutations. We use these technologies when producing spots, educational and documentary programmes and, primarily, multimedia presentations.

We are also able to produce a complete system of promotion regarding graphic company design, advertising items, web sites, large-screen advertising as well as preparations of a trade fair.

Dynamic growth of our company enables us to put each year higher investments into development and enhancement of services that we provide. Nowadays, we are equipped with camera and editing system in HDV and DVCAM format, own camera crane and rail track for camera, providing unique features for the shots.

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